Married with New Year’s resolutions

 It’s not the first time in my life I’ve made New Year’s resolutions, but I’ve never kept them so far. This Year I’ve read many articles giving practical and worthwhile pieces of advice, which inspired me to conclude my last year goals.


 It was odd to realize that although nothing unusual was against me, I ended up not having finished most of them:

 But there were also heartening ones:

Even considering small successes in my private life it’s understandable why at first I was reluctant to write down new resolutions for this year. The very same problem with obvious lack of motivation happened to me about three years ago, when I lost my faith that I would ever learn enough English to communicate with ease with friends from abroad. But since then I enrolled in three different courses, got a tutor and started to read English books. All this helped me a lot - not to mention that I’m capable of writing about this now.

Anyway, having learned from the past experiences I decided to continue the tradition and publish new resolutions for 2014. I divided them into two groups, containing different scope, one for my private life, the second one for career-related issues.

 Privately, I will certainly fulfil the following:

 In my professional life I shall stick to the ones listed below:

I could narrow down some of the above, but I guess there’s no point since I’m seriously determined to achieve all of them this year.

 Keep your fingers crossed for me and stay tuned, more articles coming soon!

[Image: Captain_Keen]


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